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Blackberry Moonrock Cocktail

Ingredients – makes 4 Cocktails Ice 75ml Vodka 75ml Gin 50ml Blue Curaçao 50ml Lime juice 50ml Lemon juice 200ml Soda water 150ml Grenadine Blackberry Moonrock syrup Lime slices, blackberries and sugar for garnish Method Place a thin layer of sugar in a bowl, moisten and roll the rims of the glasses in the sugar […]

Cannabis Varieties

For many years (regardless of origin) all cannabis was classified as Cannabis Sativa and still remains so under international law. Thanks to the work of scientists who have studied cannabis over the past 30+ years we know that cannabis can be further classified into 4 distinct categories or species; Cannabis Sativa Cannabis Indica Cannabis Ruderalis […]

Life Cycle of Cannabis

Germination The germination process takes from 2 to 7 days after which plants will enter their seedling stage. This stage lasts around a month. During the germination process hormones contained within the seed are activated through heat, moisture and air, causing cells to form and increase in size. Soon the seed embryo begins to grow, […]