Beware of fake seeds

Fake Cannabis Seeds: How to Spot Fake Anesia Seeds

Unfortunately, many products and brands are now being counterfeited, especially in online retail. There has been a significant increase in this in recent years and cannabis seeds are also affected. Especially cannabis seeds from premium breeders that have a high level of reliability and quality are often counterfeited.

Although we, as suppliers and breeders of premium cannabis seeds, take strict measures to combat counterfeit seeds and infringement of our trademark rights, unfortunately counterfeiting continues to exist and inferior seeds with our strain names are sold in online stores, at festivals or fairs. In the following article you will learn how to avoid purchasing fake seeds.

Fake seeds don´t carry the desired characteristics and usually have a completely different genetic background than the original Anesia seeds. The aroma, potency and growth behavior of Fake Seeds are not comparable to the original Anesia genetics and do not offer what you can expect from Anesia.

This is what the original Anesia Seeds packaging looks like:

  • Anesia hologram on the back: the original Anesia hologram shows you that a package and the seeds it contains are original and actually come from us.
  • All of our seed packs contain a small Eppendorf tube that protects the seeds.
  • Our seed packages are small colorful bags that are sealed. Each strain has its own individual design and features the official Anesia Seeds logo.
  • Each Anesia package has a QR code that directs you to the corresponding variety on our homepage.

Please note that Anesia Free seeds often do not feature the Anesia hologram. But they are also sealed in small bags with our logo. Some resellers still stock Anesia seeds with the old packaging. But it also has the original Anesia hologram:

Recognizing fake seeds 
  • All Anesia Seeds seeds that are not packaged as shown are counterfeit.
  • Seeds from Anesia Seeds are exclusively and always packed in packs of 3, 5 or 10 seeds. Our three different mixes are sold in packs of 15 seeds each.
  • We and our authorized dealers only and without exception sell our seeds in the original Anesia Seeds packaging as shown above. In addition, Anesia Seeds never sells cannabis seeds in bulk or without the original packaging, neither to B2B nor to B2C customers. This means that if an online retailer offers you Anesia seeds or seeds with our strain names in large quantities (bulk), you’d better stay away from them, as they are definitely fake, far from the quality and the genetic advantages of our original seeds.

You can find our authorized dealers on our homepage or contact us at any time if you are unsure: [email protected]

How can I avoid buying fake seeds?
  • For maximum safety, you should always buy seeds from Anesia Seeds directly on our website or from one of our authorized dealers. Fake seeds are of poor quality, have poor germination capacity, usually have a completely different genetic background, and are produced quickly and cheaply, sacrificing productivity, potency, and overall quality. It’s not worth buying them.
  • Buying cannabis seeds directly from the producer guarantees the authenticity of the seeds. You get the freshest seeds directly from us, which are always optimally stored under temperature-controlled conditions.
  • Do not buy cannabis seeds on Amazon, eBay and social media. In this case, you can never be sure if the seeds are authentic. We from Anesia Seeds do not sell our seeds on these platforms.
  • Be suspicious if purported Anesia seeds are offered at an unusually low price.
  • Check that the packaging is originally sealed at the time of purchase and that the package has the original size (11 x 13 cm) and design.

If you have any questions or doubts about the authenticity of an Anesia pack and the seeds it contains, you can always contact us by email (support(a) We are glad to help you.