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How to store Seeds

Storing your Anesia Seeds

The Anesia seeds team has 5 top tips on how to store your Cannabis seeds to keep them fresh, well preseved & prepped for planting.

The seeds only need a clean plastic tube or a glass container with screw cap to maintain their planting super powers that will last for years to come. Some seeds have been reported to last up to a decade! Storing seeds properly is essential to keeping all the plant powers dormant until harvest.

Taking care of these little seedlings is the key to producing a reliable & fruitful plant that will blossom into a happy buzzing abundant harvest. Whether you are a avid smoker or just a collector of cool Cannabis genetics
keeping the seeds contained in a safe place at the right temperature at 8° – 10° C degrees will make all the difference to your growing skills, maybe even taking you from a beginner to skilled green grower overtime.

One thing to always remember when storing seeds is to keep them away from direct sunlight.
A dark, dry & cool place like a temperature controlled fridge or in a cool room suits these little seeds perfectly.
The benefits of following these simple rules is to keep your seeds in top quality ready to be high grade plants.

Top tip number 1: Handle with care & cleanliness

Seeds are delicate and even though they pack a punch of magic once planted, they need to be handle with clean hands and stored in clean equipment. The shell of these seeds is there to protect them so gentle handy work is a must as the better the storage conditions the quicker the germination.

Top tip number 2: Labels

As seeds tend to not differ much in appearance keeping them clearly labelled and stored in an airtight containers/bags/jars helps a lot when your trying to keep the essence in reproducing strain to strain. For long term storage, try a vacuum packed type storage and freezing the seeds is an option but keep in mind the moisture levels and quick changes in temperatures could affect the quality of the seeds so added extra care when it comes to freezing and defrosting them.

Top tip number 3: Avoid moisture

Cannnabis seeds have a delicate shell and need to be kept dry to avoid too much moisture getting to the seeds & activating germination, use some cotton wall or rice to soak up any moisture that might get in while they are living in the fridge for example. Silica food grade crystals will work too. Avoid using toxic chemicals on or around the seeds. Mold & fungus is the kryptonite for all Super plants so make sure to keep the humidity at 9% or lower by using a hydrometer.

Top tip Number 4: Avoid heat & light

When seeds are exposed to heat and direct sunlight it will activate them too soon or even damage them, so keep them in the dark until its time to get their grow on. Keeping the temperature as even as possible while in storage helps the seeds to stay sleeping and leave them there until its time to wake up & germinate.

Top tip Number 5: Insects & rodents

Keeping the seeds up high off the ground and inside a fridge or mental box is a good idea to give them the best protection from hungry rodents and insects lurking around.

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