Future #1®

36,00105,50 incl. tax

  • 3 or 10 feminized seeds
  • Gorilla Glue #4 x Starfighter F2
  • Genetics: 50% Indica, 50% Sativa
  • Yield: 500g/m² • up to 700g per plant
  • Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
  • Harvest outdoors: begin of october
  • suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Height: 110-130cm
  • THC: 37%
  • Aromas / flavors: pineapple, mango
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Future #1®

There are now some cannabis strains that regularly reach THC levels of 30% and more. Nevertheless, among the large number of different varieties of different seed banks, these strains are comparatively rare. Some varieties of the Anesia Seedbank are among the strongest cannabis strains worldwide. Our latest breed, Future # 1, showed a massive and incredible 37% THC-level in repeated lab tests. Some of you will think, that can not be and we thought so too. Why breed a strain that is so strong? We want to be honest, it has become a certain sports for us and we wanted to see how far we can come and what is possible. It has cost us a lot of work and a lot of effort but the result even astonishes us.

Future # 1 achieved the highest THC content we have ever seen, even if this was not considered possible from a physical point of view for a long time. And that may mean a lot. Our Future # 1 was created from a cross between our most potent and famous Gorilla Glue # 4 with an outstanding and lengthy selected Starfighter F2. So far, the common belief is that the absolute physical limit of THC content is 35%. But our Future # 1 has repeatedly proven the opposit. Even if it was not possible to conclusively clarify how it could happen until now, it is assumed that its extreme resin production makes it possible.

The THC content is just one side of an outstanding high. Also decisive is the terpene profile and the content of other cannabinoids in one variety. Besides the strength, our breeding work also targeted the aroma. In addition to an intense pineapple aroma and versatile citrus aromas, our new variety is accompanied by a strong note of mango. The proportion of myrcene, nerodiol and limonene is particularly high and perfects the effect by additionally strengthening it. The taste is thereby a true sweet fruity experience that makes you want more.

Future # 1 is a highly potent hybrid, whose effects start quickly and with great energy. It provides a stimulating, strongly euphoric high that also has psychedelic elements and expands the senses. At the same time, the effects are extremely physically relaxing and create a floating feeling of lightness and positive mood. This strain is suitable for sensual experiences and to get involved in a deep high. It is suitable for creative work, evening relaxation and leisure, but in no case when you need to be focused. Beginners will often find her too strong and should be careful with her. Overall, the dosage should be adjusted gingerly.

The flowers reach an amazing size and density. Throughout the flowering period, they pile up a thick glittering layer of resins on their surface what is a result of the enormous resin production. With 500 g m² indoors and up to 1kg per plant outdoors, it is one of the high-yielding varieties that are also interesting for commercial cultivation.

Growing Future #1®

Future # 1 thrives on a sufficient and well-balanced nutritional intake. In order to reach its full potential, it needs lots of light, good soil and an excellent climate. Make sure that there is sufficient air circulation around the flowers, especially towards the end of flowering. Pruning the bottom branches in favor of the upper and higher ones has a positive effect on growth pattern and yields. Indoors we recommend lollypopping and outdoors topping for best results.

Medical Use

Future # 1 is wonderfully strong and eliminates all bad feelings. From a medical point of view, due to its strength and concerted cannabinoid profile, it is particularly suitable for controlling pain, depression, nausea and symptoms of stress and overwork.

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number of seeds

5 seeds, 10 seeds, 3 seeds

49 reviews for Future #1®

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  2. NICK

  3. Łukasz Brożek

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thank you im happy with the seeds

  5. Paul Taylor (verified owner)

  6. Joanne Morgan (verified owner)

    All germinated all good upto now

  7. Jerome S. (verified owner)

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    All 3

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  17. leszek wlazniak (verified owner)

    recommend seeds

  18. Frederik A. (verified owner)

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    sehr gut

  20. Vieira (verified owner)

  21. Alessandro Maretti (verified owner)

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

  23. Brian (verified owner)

    All sprouted within 24H. Sturdy seedlings.

  24. Daniel E. (verified owner)

    Thank you ♡ Anesia 🙂

    Image #1 from Daniel E.
  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

  26. Frindt Richard (verified owner)

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    Die Samen sehen gut aus, in einem Monat gehts los

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Tres rapide

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Hello guys, first of all thank you for bringing the best genetics in the world for us to grow! I bought 5 seeds of this amazing strain because im curious about these high levels of thc, and because of the high quality of the strains used to create this hybrid, can’t wait to see the final results! One of the grains sadly didn’t pop up but i guess that’s the nature of Nature, it wont keep me from coming back for more of the amazing strains here! Peace to all and fight prohibition worldwide!

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

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    Bonjour..ducoupe je met que 3 sur 5 poir le.moment je commence juste a la faire germer hier..donc je vous en diraibplus dans quelques miis avec photo a l appui .merci

  36. Nick S. (verified owner)

    Potency is not from These Planet! Im realen happy with These girl

  37. Halil İbrahim Bişkin (verified owner)

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    more power flower for south Africa

  44. Mathieu A. (verified owner)

    All germinated!

  45. Kalamata (verified owner)

    I had to write a review because this strain is to mention that she is a huge heavyweight!! Not only exceptionally strong but also very pleasant, she gives a hit and suddenly you are in another world, but in good and happy manner, mind is traveling, creativity is boosting, somehow trippy and psychedelic and the next day you wake up refreshed and your spirit feels washed from any stress. For sure not take hits if you have stuff to do, simply because you are in another world and won’t be able to accomplish it 🙂 Flavor and taste(I usually vape) are a delight, definitely fruity, spicy and without getting harsch..thank you for bringing such a strain out!! Definitely buying it again.

  46. Frank C. (verified owner)

    Immer wieder sage ich nur Immer wieder

  47. Lubos Dvorzak (verified owner)

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  49. Paul Galenkamp (verified owner)

    Perfect, this is highly recommended

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