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Auto Nova OG


  • 3 or 10 semillas autoflorecientes
  • Cosecha: 500g/m2 • 250 g/plant
  • Genética: mostly Indica
  • Período de floración: 10 weeks
  • Tanto para interior como exterior
  • Altura: 70-90 cm • 70-100 cm
  • THC: 24%
  • Aroma/Sabor: candy, bubblegum
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Auto Nova OG, 3 or 10 semillas autoflorecientes

It took us 2 years to breed our exceptional and multi-cup winning Nova OG as an autoflowering variety. For this we took our original elite clone and cross it with an automatic of the newest generation, selected according to yield and potency and crossed these back again with our Nova OG. As a result, Auto Nova OG, despite its autoflowering quality, has the extreme potency and insane flavor of our classic.

Auto Nova OG is an indica dominant automatic strain, which produces thick and heavy buds that emit a fascinating coffee aroma with lemony undertones. It has a very sweet taste and strong physically relaxing effects, accompanied by an energetic cerebral stimulating high. It is one of the strongest automatics worldwide with up to 24% THC and raises the autoflowering cannabis strains to a new level.

Growing Auto Nova OG

Auto Nova OG reaches around 70-90 cm and can be harvested 10 weeks after the germination when cultivated on a 20/4 light-cycle. In warm climate 4 outdoor harvests a possible when starting end of march with the first germination.

Medical Use

Auto Nova OG is used for the treatment of tremor, PTSD, arthritis, muscle spasms and chronic pain.

Información adicional

number of seeds

10 semillas, 3 semillas

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